Covid-19 Measures taken at Watamu Beach Cottages

  1. Each of our units are self-contained and suitable for self-isolation if necessary 
  2. Staff are screened and if they present symptoms are required to self-isolate at home for 14 days
  3. Disinfectants and soap are provided to the house cleaning service
  4. You may choose to do your own house keeping if you so wish to 
  5. Furniture surfaces in common areas is wiped with disinfectant 
  6. Enough time is allowed between guests to allow for a thorough clean
  7.  Covid-19 testing is available at Watamu Hospital or can be arranged on-site as we have a medical practitioner on call

Please take the following precautions when going to public areas

  1. Wear a cotton mask
  2. Practice a 2m social distancing
  3. Wash hands thoroughly on returning to the cottage 
  4. Observe protocols in Restaurants 
  5. Items such as reusable packaging can be left in the Sun to sterilize 
  6. Don’t use shared items on field trips such as goggles 
  7. Take private taxis or tuktuks and avoid Bodabodas and matatus


Watamu Beach Cottages